The AppKettle

Before Teforia, there was AppKettle, a Wi-Fi connected tea kettle that allowed the user to see volume, temperature and time to boil from the app.

And while AppKettle never promised the ability to sense and tweak tea flavor notes at the molecular level like Teforia, it also wasn’t going to set you back a cool fifteen hundred bucks either.

The only problem? AppKettle never shipped, at least until now. The AppKettle first came to my attention on Kickstarter, but after looking like it would miss it’s funding target, the creators canceled the project and announced they’d received an external investment.

Now, a year and a half later, the AppKettle is finally shipping in the UK for £129, about equivalent to $160.

Those hoping to see the AppKettle under their Christmas tree had better live in the UK, the only market where the company is currently shipping. According to Robert Hill, AppKettle CEO, the product will be available in the US in early 2017. He also indicated that the company is also currently working on Alexa integration (who isn’t at this point?).

The AppKettle, which is only available through the AppKettle website at this point, has integrated Wi-Fi, made of brushed stainless steel, chrome and has a see-through glass water window. It can be controlled both via the app and through controls on the base.

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