We are excited to officially announce the full speaker (and robot!) lineup and agenda for our upcoming ArticulATE Food Robotics Summit. The one-day conference will be held on April 16 at General Assembly in downtown San Francisco, and it promises to be a great event packed with amazing talks about the future of food robots and automation.

A seriously stellar roster of speakers from up and down the robotic food stack will be there, including:

  • Linda Pouliot, CEO – Dishcraft
  • Narayan Iyengar, SVP, eCommerce & Digital – Albertsons
  • Jewel Li, COO – AutoX
  • Randall Wilkinson, CEO – Wilkinson Baking Company (BreadBot)
  • Vincent Vanhoucke, Principle Scientist, Google Brain team – Google
  • Masahiro Fujita, Chief Research Engineer, AI Collaboration Office of Sony – Sony
  • Ali Ahmed, CEO – RoboMart
  • Cynthia Yeung, COO – Cafe X
  • Ali Bouzari, Chief Scientist – Pilot R&D
  • Dave Zito, CEO – Miso Robotics
  • Deepak Sekar, CEO – Chowbotics
  • John Ha, CEO – Bear Robotics
  • Ryan Tuohy, Senior VP, Business Development – Starship
  • Alex Vardakostas, CEO – Creator
  • Brian Frank, General Partner – FTW Ventures
  • Mara Behrens, Chowbotics
  • Brita Rosenheim, Partner – Better Food Ventures
  • Chas Studor, Founder/CTO – Briggo
  • Lee Mokri, Founder – Byte
  • Shawn Lange, President – Lab2Fab (A Middleby Corporation)
  • Avidan Ross, Root VC
  • Matt Rolandson, Ammunition Group

But it’s not just humans! We couldn’t have a robotics conference without some robots, so we are equally pleased to announce that Kiwi, Penny, and Sally will all be in attendance as well!

We’ve been putting a ton of work into this show to make sure that it delivers an exciting day that gives every attendee better insight into the business, technological and societal implications of our impending move towards robots and automation in food tech.

As such, we have hand crafted a solid agenda that brings out the expertise we’ve gathered on-stage to create a full day of insight and engaging conversation. Talks will include:

Grocery: Rethinking Grocery in the Era of Robotics

Society-Robot Relationship: How to Navigate Skepticism and Fear around Automation in Food

Restaurants: The Front and Back of House

Food Production: Hyperlocal Food Factories

Robots on Roads: Robotics For the Last Mile

24 Hour Storefronts: Automation At Point of Sales

Overcoming The Big Technical Challenges With Food Robotics

Novelty, Niche or Next Big Thing? How To Make Good Experiences (and Food) With Robotics

Collaborate, Coexist, Cobot: Building Towards Integrated Robot, Human Work Environments

Investment Opportunities in Food Robotics

Check out the full agenda.

We hope to see you there! Tickets are limited so get yours today!

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