Beyond Meat, maker of plant-based chicken, crumbles, and burgers, just set the terms of its initial public offering.

According to a regulatory filing, the El Segundo, California-based startup could raise as much as $184 million for its IPO. Beyond plans to offer 8.75 million shares priced between $19 and $21 each. If it follows through, the company would be valued at as much as $1.21 billion.

Additionally, the filings show that Beyond’s losses shrank while its revenue grew. In 2018, Beyond lost $29.9 million on revenues of $87.9 million. This is down/up from 2017, when the company lost $30.4 million on revenue of $32.6 million.

This makes sense, as Beyond continued its expansion at grocery stores across the U.S. throughout 2018, launched an R&D new center and added a second production facility to keep up with white-hot demand for alternative protein.

Beyond Meat has raised $122 million, and it’s not just the company’s investors (which include Cleveland Avenue, DNS Ventures, Tyson Foods and celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Gates) watching this IPO closely. Beyond could be a bellwether for other startups and established players in the alternative protein space.

For example: Beyond Meat rival, Impossible Foods, has raised $387.5 million and its ability to go public will be impacted by the success or failure of Beyond’s offering. Additionally, Big Food companies have been upping their investment in alternative proteins: Nestlé is rolling out several new alterna-meat products, Unilever bought the Vegetarian Butcher, and Canadian meat processor Maple Leaf Foods acquired Lightlife and Field Roast. A Beyond Meat bummer on the public market could chill some of the investment heat the sector has.

Beyond no doubt knows the responsibility that’s on its shoulders: not only to its employees and investors but also to the plant-based food space on the whole. And since it announced that it would go public last November, it has been hustling to make sure the IPO goes well. The company has accrued a possé of celebrity endorsers, brought on big name fast-food restaurant partnerships like Carl’s Jr. and Del Taco, released a new version of its Beyond Meat recipe, announced a new ground version of its “meat” to be released this year, and is also prepping new category products like sausage patties. Just today, Beyond announced that it will be on grocery shelves in Canada starting next month.

CNN reports that Beyond plans to start trading in early May, and needless to say all eyes (including ours) will be on that debut.

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