Roaming the vast halls of CES, you realize the show isn’t just about the brightest TVs or the fastest drones. It’s also about deliciousness. As you’ve probably seen from our numerous dispatches from the show , we found a bunch of cool startups developing new ways to make tasty treats, and perhaps the sweetest were the 3D chocolate printers I saw in action.

Hailing from the Ukraine, Flasty makes the Chocola3D printer. It looks like a typical 3D printer, and extrudes chocolate into all kinds of fun shapes and patterns. At $1,800, the device isn’t cheap, but company reps told me they’ve already sold of number of them to restaurants across Europe. You can check it out in action in this video.

JER Education has its own countertop food 3D printer that’s aimed more directly at the consumer market. It has an LCD screen to display parameters like temperature and speed, and lets you print pre-programmed shapes, doodles, or even uploaded pictures via the accompanying app. In addition to chocolate, the JER printer can print out cheese, jam, mashed potatoes and more.

If you’re looking for a little more portability in your chocolate printing, then perhaps the JER chocolate 3D printing pen is for you. Load it with choclate chips and scrawl your own chocolate delight. The pen wasn’t available for demos when I stopped by, but it looked like it had worked previously. I just wonder if stores will accept my checks if they are signed in chocolate, as I plan to carry this pen everywhere.

JER didn’t provide any pricing or specific release information on its products, but if we could see them on store shelves before the end of the year, that would be pretty sweet.

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