We were excited earlier this week when Zimplistic announced that its Rotimatic flatbread maker would be adding flour tortilla recipes to its repertoire. We were even more excited when the company brought the Rotimatic to our Food Tech Live event so we could try them firsthand.

They did not disappoint. Using just flour, oil and water, the Rotimatic can mix, knead and bake fresh tortillas in just 90 seconds. The result is a warm, fresh-tasting tortilla. They come out a wee bit crispy, so they aren’t like the kind you get at a taqueria, but they would be a nice option for your next taco Tuesday (or any occasion, really).

The flour tortilla recipe hasn’t been released yet into the wild, so existing Rotimatic users can’t make them today, but the update should be arriving soon. Now the question is whether the addition of flour tortillas will entice new buyers to pony up a thousand bucks for the device.

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