Definitely one of the biggest hits of our Food Tech Live event last week was the Selffee station. People were clamoring to eat their faces off. Literally.

Selffee uses a proprietary technology to print pictures of you (or anything really) in edible ink onto just about any type of food: Cookies, marshmallows, beer foam etc. The result is basically a Polaroid you can chow down.

Selffee has a couple of lines of business. They can set up an on-site photo booth for instant edible delectables at events (like ours), or you can upload a photo to Selffee’s online site and order cookies for delivery.

Honestly, the cookies taste okay; they are pretty standard sugar cooking with hard frosting. They’re also not cheap: it’ll run you $40 a dozen to put your mug on a cookie. But this is the type of branding thing that companies go gah-gah over, and judging from the reaction and long lines at our event, people will pony up for the opportunity to eat their face.

How’d mine come out? Check out this video I did with Selffee Co-Founder, David Weiss, to see for yourself.

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