Photo: Zero Mass Water

At a conference known for flashy (and admittedly super cool) technology gadgets like self-operating lawnmowers and foldable TV’s, it’s refreshing to see a company that’s leveraging tech to solve global environmental issues.

One example is Zero Mass Water, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based startup that showed off its system which turns air and sunlight into potable water.

Here’s the basic premise: solar-powered hydropanels capture humidity in the air, which is distilled into water and combined with minerals for taste. Apparently, the standard two-hydropanel setup can make 300-600 bottles of water every month. In a world where we’re quickly running out of clean water, that can do a lot of good.

We caught up with Kaitlyn Fitzgerald, Zero Mass Water’s Head of Marketing & Communications, on the CES Digital Experience floor to learn more about how their tech is working to solve the world’s water crisis using only sunlight and air.

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