Ckbk, the digital platform that wants to be the Spotify for recipes, launched its Kickstarter campaign today.

We reported on ckbk back in April, explaining the impending service as:

“… an app which compiles a massive database of recipes from well-known and up-and-coming cookbooks. Matthew Cockerill, co-founder of 1000 Cookbooks, polled hundreds of food experts to get their picks for the best, most essential cookbooks ever written.”

Ckbk is looking to raise $25,000 as it continues to license recipe content and build out its app. People who pledge $59 or more can be a “Founder subscriber,” which includes pre-launch access to ckbk, as well as a year-long subscription after the official launch scheduled for October or November of this year. Early backers will also get early access to ckbk starting in September.


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