We don’t mean to bug you, but we thought you might like to know that Seek Food launched a Kickstarter campaign today for its cricket baking flour and accompanying cookbook.

Adventurous eaters can choose from four bug-based powders: All-Purpose, Paleo, Gluten-Free and 100 percent pure cricket. You can reserve a 343 gram bag for yourself for just $10, or spend $50 to get your powder along with a printed cookbook. The Cricket Cookbook will feature a variety of recipes from an impressive array of award-winning top chefs.

And it looks like people have gone buggy (ed. note: SORRY!) for this cricket campaign as it’s already hopped (OMG, STOP!) over its goal of $25,000 and raised more than $35,000.

We’ve written a bunch about crickets and their high-protein, eco-friendlier place in the future of food. Crickets are being served at baseball games, getting celebrity endorsements, and generally moving more into the mainstream.

Grab a bag and get in on the trend now before everyone starts chirping about it. (OK. I’m done.)

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