It looks like Cuisinart has partnered with BuzzFeed for a branded version of the Tasty cooktop. We don’t have all the details at this point, but an advertisement in the program for our Smart Kitchen Summit highlighted the collaboration.

From the ad:

“…Cuisinart is proud to partner with BuzzFeed’s Tasty to bring you the Tasty by Cuisinart One Top and the One Top App.”

It goes on to say:

“The next and most exciting era of at-home kitchen prep is here, brought to you by Cuisinart.”

The move is interesting because a little more than a year ago, BuzzFeed CEO, Jonah Peretti sent out a memo to his staff emphasizing the importance of Tasty, saying:

“…we are expanding our Product Labs business, which exceeded our expectations in its first full year of operations, into BuzzFeed Commerce which has a strong lineup of new licensing and commerce partnerships, and new products for 2018. BuzzFeed Commerce will work closely with our new BuzzFeed Media Brands team to create new opportunities for our brands in the way it has with Tasty.”

Right now, we have more questions than answers. Does this mean BuzzFeed is getting out of manufacturing business and moving into more of a licensing model for the Tasty One Top? Are there other manufacturers in the pipeline? Is it just focusing on content? Does this impact the Tasty line of cookware it launched with Walmart?

We reached out to both Cuisinart and BuzzFeed and will update this post as we hear more.

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