Farmer’s Fridge, the company which makes vending machines that dispense healthy meals such as salads and protein bowls, today announced that it has raised a new $30 million round of funding led by Innovation Endeavors. This brings the total amount raised by the company to $40 million.

With 186 locations across Chicago and Milwaukee, Farmer’s Fridges are high tech machines stocked with kitchen-made meals such as Smoked Cheddar Cobb Salad, Tarragon Chicken Salad Wrap, and Almond Butter Oats Bowl. Customers can order either through a touchscreen menu on the machine or via an accompanying mobile app.

Farmer’s Fridge is part of a wave of startups that are transforming the notion of automated food service and bringing it into a more modern, health-conscious era. Byte Foods operates smart fridges for offices that are stocked with fresh food options. Moniker (formerly Bodega) sets up mini convenience stores inside apartment buildings. And more directly, Chowbotics has its own robotic vending machine that makes salads and soon bowls as well.

All of these companies are targeting high-traffic areas such as airports, universities, office buildings and more. So don’t be surprised if the vending machine room in your building starts to get crowded.

According to the funding announcement, Farmer’s Fridge will use the new funds to scale up its business. This will be a challenge for the company as it trades in fresh food. Stocking a machine with preservative-packed “food” like Twinkies is easy, because they will survive the apocalypse. But perishables like salads are another matter. As it looks to scale up, Farmer’s Fridge will need to live up to its promise of “transforming the supply chain through technology and creating a new paradigm for fresh food,” as the company says in its press release. Farmers Fridge will need kitchens, cooks, and delivery drivers close to wherever they open up a new machine location.

Good thing the company stocked up on cash.

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