Fasting app Zero announced today that it has raised $2.8 million in a new funding round from True Ventures and Trinity Ventures (h/t Axios Pro Rata). This brings the total amount raised by the company to $4 million.

In its press announcement Zero describes itself as:

Instead of focusing on short-term wins or specific diets, Zero’s fasting protocols are focused on when people eat, not what they eat. The app connects people who are interested in fasting to the tools, resources and community to help them find the best fasting routines for their health, in addition to tracking progress and milestones over time.

Zero says its app has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times, and users have completed more than 35 million fasts to date.

Typically at The Spoon, we cover how technology is changing the way people eat. We write about using your breath to determine your diet, startups that say your biome can impact your health, or even using AI to figure out what to choose at a restaurant. But I guess that should also include technology that gets people to not eat as well.

Intermittent fasting is a hip trend with the tech bros of Silicon Valley, with acolytes like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who say it helps him be more efficient and focused, and sleep better. Zero CEO, Mike Maser, said that fasting helped him survive cancer.

While we’re not doctors and can’t advocate or reject the promises of intermittent fasting, Zero says it has an advisory team of doctors and researches that use science to guide and support the company’s fasting protocols.

One thing Zero isn’t hungry for after today, however, is cash.

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