The biggest complaint I had about my June Oven was the lack of instructions. At times they were so sparse and provided so little information that my smart oven left me dumbfounded, not sure what to do next.

June CEO Matt Van Horn had told me that updates to the UI and instruction set for the oven were in the works — and now we know a little bit more about what those changes will look like. June gave us the exclusive look at the forthcoming UI changes for us to share here with you. They didn’t provide any other details, but we can glean a few things from the image above.

  • Frontloading information. After selecting your food pre-set, the first screen displays all the items you need to cook (roasting pan/rack, food thermometers), as well as rack position and post-cooking needs.
  • Resting instructions. After cooking your meat, June will suggest resting time. It’s not clear if that will include more specific instructions like wrapping in foil, etc.
  • Steps are spelled out. Instead of just the progress bar at the bottom, it looks like June will explain what it is doing during each step (e.g. Step 1 – roasting at 500 degrees.)
  • Just a li’l bit. When food is done, it looks like there’s new messaging on the final screen giving users the option to tell the oven to “Cook a Little More.” I don’t know if this carries a specific time unit or internal temperature goal, but it replaces the “Continue Cooking” message that’s on that screen currently.

The update will be rolling out this fall. We’ll be sure to ask Van Horn all about it at our upcoming Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle October 8 and 9th, where he’ll be on a panel about “The New Cooking Box: Ovens, Robots & More.” Get your tickets today to hear Van Horn and tons of other great food tech execs!

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