If one were to look at all the consumer tech products rolled out over the past decade, they’d be hard pressed to find two more vastly different outcomes than that of the Amazon Echo and Juicero.

But here’s what most people don’t know: it was the same person running point on hardware development for both products.

That person is Malachy Moynihan. Moynihan got his start in the connected home when he led Cisco’s acquisition of seminal home networking startup Linksys. From there he went on to head up top-secret hardware projects for Jeff Bezos at Amazon’s famed Lab 126. After leading the product teams behind the Amazon Fire TV and the first Amazon Echo, Moynihan left to join an interesting startup led by cold-pressed juice evangelist Doug Evans by the name of Juicero.

In this podcast, the Wall Street Journal’s Wilson Rothman talks to Moynihan about the lessons he’s learned from being instrumental in the rollouts of two iconic products with wildly different outcomes.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking play below, download here or find it on Apple Podcasts.

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