Sometimes the coolest part about IoT devices has little to do with the internet connectivity. Such is the case with Gourmia’s newest product launch – an air fryer that uses air instead of oil to create a crispy and tasty food experience.

Gourmia actually launched two new connected products – a sous vide “immersion pod” – aka a sous vide machine with Wi-Fi built in and a companion iOS / Android app. The sous vide machine features a large clip on the side to affix it to the pot of water as well as a small touchscreen for at-device control of temperature and power. Gourmia is working with home chef turned author Jason Logsdon, known for using techniques such as sous vide, blow torches and whipping siphons to prepare recipes in the mobile apps to use with the device. Gourmia already has a sous vide machine with a sub $100 price, but with added Wi-Fi, the introductory price for this one is around $120. It is still cheaper than current leading competitors like the ChefSteps Joule and Anova’s sous vide machine.

But the more interesting new product from Gourmia is the Cook Center & Air Fryer, which uses a combination of convection and radiant cooking to circulate hot air via halogen heating and deliver food prepped in different styles. The Gourmia Air Fryer claims to reduce cooking time by 60% and produces “perfectly crisp exteriors with moist tender interiors.” The appliance offers 20 different cooking styles, including frying and sauteing using air heat, as well as regular stir fry, steam, roast, grill, broil, bake, rotisserie, and kebabs. You can also use it to make pizza and to defrost food – making you wonder why you even need that microwave anymore.

The introductory price for the Gourmia Cook Center & Air Fryer is $150 – a decent buy considering the functionality and versatility.

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