Like to bake? We’ve got a subscription for that.

Nestle, the company behind the Toll House cookie, has launched its first ever food kit subscription today with a service called Sweetbake. A monthly subscription to Sweetbake goes for $35, which gets you two ready-to-bake kits per month. Each kits includes all the dry ingredients and you provide the milk, butter and eggs.

Even though Sweetbake is brought to you by Toll House, it isn’t just about cookies.  Sweetbake’s first ever kit is peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (as it should), but after than  subscribers will be sent kits to make pumpkin pie hazelnut tiramisu, gingerbread biscotti and peppermint brownie cups.

Of course, the concept of a subscription bake kit isn’t new. Celebrities like Sarah Michelle Gellar have jumped into the bake-by-mail kit space with Foodstirs, while other startups like SoBakeable are trying to compete where others like Treatsie could not.

Sweetbake is interesting not only because it’s the first subscription kit ever in Nestle’s 150 year history, but also because it could represent a new direct-to-consumer channel for what is the world’s largest food company. While direct to consumer subscriptions won’t be but a fraction of the volume of baked goods sold daily to all the people cooking for grandkids and bake sales, it could be an interesting new way for Nestle to tap into millennials looking to expand their cooking skills.

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