Airplane food gets an (admittedly deserved) bad rap, but airlines are working to change all that with fresh, vertically-grown lettuce, local craft beers, and, now, plant-based burgers.

Yesterday, Air New Zealand sent out a tweet announcing that the buzzed-about Impossible Burger will be available to Business Premier passengers on their Los Angeles to Auckland flight from now until late October. Air New Zealand is the first airline to put the Impossible Burger on their in-flight menu.

Unlike plant-based competitor Beyond Burgers, Impossible has been taking a chiefly B2B approach, selling their burgers in generally upscale fast-casual restaurants and, recently, select White Castles.

We’ve covered Impossible Foods’ training problem on the Spoon, which could pose more of an issue when the burgers are being par-cooked in a facility and reheated in at 35,000 feet. Regardless, the media buzz surrounding this announcement (no doubt helped by their cute promotion video (see below) shows the level of excitement around plant-based meat alternatives isn’t going down anytime soon.

In fact, it’s going sky high. (Sorry.)


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