The Impossible Burger.

Earlier this morning plant-based foods startup Impossible Foods put out a juicy teaser, hinting at an impending news drop. We immediately set to speculating: Was it a concrete date for the company’s retail launch? News about new fast-food partnerships? Was the plant-based steak finally on its way?

Turns out, the news was nothing that groundbreaking. Impossible announced via Twitter that it is rolling out its plant-based burgers in Singapore. Which we already kind of knew, since Impossible CEO Pat Brown dropped the news last month after the company unveiled its new recipe at CES.

Impossible’s patties are already available in Hong Kong and Macau, so the expansion to Singapore isn’t a stretch. Especially considering that Singapore company Temasek has invested in Impossible.

The Impossible News isn’t dropping any jaws, but it does highlight how Asia — specifically Hong Kong and Singapore — is becoming a stronghold of plant-based protein innovation. Vegan meat company Omnipork has a presence in all three cities, and JUST’s eggless scramble is also available in Hong Kong. Beyond Meat is also in Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore, and the company has plans to roll out in Taiwan and Korea.

According to the tweet, Impossible will head to Singapore next week. There’s no word yet on which restaurants will serve its plant-based products, but it speaks to the growing global demand for meat alternatives — plant-based and cell-based — in Asia, the world’s largest meat producer. We’ll see if Singapore is as meaty an opportunity as Impossible is making it out to be.

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