Filling a measuring cup to the right level with water can sometimes require ninja-like dexterity. Water shoots out of the faucet too fast, you have to pour some out, then pour out a little more. Whoops, too much, have to add some back. Then you hold it up to eye level to make sure the the bottom of the meniscus is on the right line.

New faucets from Kohler and Delta announced at CES this week are poised to eliminate that hassle by giving you voice control over your water. You can tell both the Kohler Sensate and the Delta Touch20 faucets to turn water on and off as well as dispense a precise amount of water. Ask for 8 oz of water and the faucets will dispense 8 oz.!

Both the Kohler and Delta faucets work with Alexa, and Kohler also supports Google Home and Apple HomeKit. Mike Wolf here at The Spoon actually uncovered the Delta Alexa skill last month, and now we can see it in action.

No word on pricing or when they will be available. For those of us with plain ole dumb faucets, both Kohler and Delta are looking at ways to provide the voice activation retrofits without needing to buy a whole new product.

As we’ve noted before, voice command is actually a perfect interface for the kitchen faucet. Turning the kitchen sink on and off with your voice is super helpful when your hands are messy, or contaminated by something like raw meat. And, filling up a measuring cup won’t require ninja-like skills anymore.

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