Chicago, IL-based logistics platform, Bringg, announced today a partnership with Arcos Dorados, the largest McDonald’s franchisee in Latin America. Together, the two companies look to strengthen Mickey D’s delivery footprint across that region, improving things like wait times, food freshness, and overall customer experience.

Bringg already counts a number of food companies among its customers in both the restaurant and grocery delivery space, including Panera, Just Eat, Walmart, and supermarket chain Mercadona. The SaaS platform provides features like automatic driver dispatch, route optimization, real-time order tracking, and reverse logistics (which automatically reorders an item that for whatever reason wasn’t delivered).

An example of the software at work is the Bringg-Walmart partnership called Spark Delivery, which launched in 2018 and streamlines the grocery-delivery fulfillment process by scheduling Walmart’s fleet of crowdsourced drivers, automatically sending them order details, and providing alerts and navigational assistance to those drivers.

For the Arcos Dorados partnership, Bringg has integrated its software with the franchisee’s existing POS system to help restaurants juggle the many factors involved in restaurant food delivery. The platform will process and manage all order channels, assign those orders to specific drivers, and even tell the kitchens when to start preparing the food so it’s as fresh as possible when it finally gets to the customer.

And there will be a lot of orders to manage. Arcos Dorados, who counts Bill Gates as one of its shareholders, operates over 500 McDonald’s locations across 11 countries in Latin America.

Bringg, meanwhile, raised a $25 million Series C round in January of 2019. The funds are going towards further expansion of the Bringg name and product across the globe. The Arcos Dorados partnership, then, makes for a significant milestone on the path towards this goal.

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