At the beginning of May, we launched our Food Waste Innovation market map identifying companies building products and services that tackle the 1.3 billion-ton food waste problem.

It’s no small obstacle. With roughly one-third of the world’s food going to waste each year, it’s little wonder that entrepreneurs, startups, corporations and, heck, even the government are starting to address the problem — and using tech to find solutions.

After publishing Version 1 of our market map, The Spoon’s tip line — as well as our individual inboxes — were absolutely flooded with suggestions for other entities to consider for the map. To ensure our map was as accurate as could be, we decided to release an updated version, 1.1, reflecting some of those suggestions.

As is the case with any market map (or company list, for that matter), this isn’t exhaustive. Food waste is a big problem and there are plenty of stealthy startups just getting off the ground that we will surely add as they become known.

While the categories haven’t changed from version to version, we’ve refined some company listings and added others. The hope is to provide as clear picture of the major movers and shakers tackling food waste. And of course, if you have even more tips for future food waste maps, drop us a line.

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Jenn is a writer and editor for The Spoon who covers restaurant tech and food delivery, developments in agriculture and indoor farming, and startup accelerators and incubators. On the side, she moonlights as a ghostwriter for tech industry executives and spends a lot of time on the road exploring food developments in more remote parts of the country. Previously, she was managing editor of Gigaom’s market research department and was once a competitive pinball player. Jenn splits her time between NYC and Nashville, TN.

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