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The best part about meal kits is that they take away the need to meal plan and decide what’s for dinner. Each week, a box arrives at your door and gives you 3-5 preplanned dinners with exactly the right ingredients to prepare and cook each. The worst part? The amount of planning it requires to get the kits in the first place.

The problem meal kits solve is the age old question – what’s for dinner in the future – but they don’t tackle the very common, end of the week and out of groceries question – what’s for dinner TONIGHT? If you’re like me, you have at least one night in the week where you’ve made all your meals, you haven’t grocery shopped yet, and take out just doesn’t sound appealing (or healthy). Martha Stewart (and Amazon) are here to help.

Martha Stewart partnered last year with Marley Spoon to create a branded meal kit, joining the 100+ other meal kits out there, many of them also backed by a celebrity name. But they recently announced a true stand-out feature – partnering with AmazonFresh, Stewart & Marley Spoon will now ship their meal kit the same day you order it.

According to Inc, who has the full scoop,

Users can now order a single meal for two adults in the morning, and find it on their doorsteps that evening.

The company hopes that the move will give them an edge in the meal kit market, and welcome new consumers into the fold. The typical meal kit consumer tends to be 25-44 – Marley Spoon hopes this move might appeal to older consumers as well who aren’t able to leave the home as much. It seems more likely that it will open them up to people who aren’t great at planning meals all the time – busy parents, or busy professionals in general – and want a quick, last minute solution that isn’t takeout.

The meals can be ordered in the morning and will run about $24/meal for the food and on demand service. Not cheap, but probably similar to what a restaurant-quality takeout meal would cost and with fresher, healthier ingredients.

Amazon, on the other hand, is clearly interested in all areas of food commerce – from the grocery store to fresh food delivery to meal kits, they’re putting their footprints in almost every area.

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