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Last night at the opening reception of the Smart Kitchen Summit Europe the eight finalists of our Startup Showcase showed off their companies to the crowd over pints of Guinness. One, the London-based Recipeat, took the opportunity to unveil their startup.

Recipeat is a smart, digital cookbook and meal planning tool that’s “more than just a Kindle for recipes,” said founder Peter McCurrach. It stores recipes that users either enter in themselves or import from the internet, and can also create shopping lists from selected recipes.

At its core, McCurrach sees Recipeat as a tool to help busy families plan and cook their meals quickly and efficiently. “Everyone has really different food goals: counting calories, reducing meat intake, sticking to a budget, etcetera,” explained McCurrach. He hopes that families will use Recipeat to plan their weekly lineup of meals, synthesize shared shopping lists, and reduce in-home food waste.

One thing that distinguishes Recipeat from other meal-planning and guided cooking services like eMeals or Innit is its hardware component. McCurrach has developed a small screen, about the size of a Kindle reader, which is intended to live in the kitchen and assist in the meal planning, grocery ordering, and cooking process.

He told the Spoon team that he hopes his device will last a decade. Which is an ambitious timeline, especially in the age where people trade in their iPhone for a new model seemingly every couple of months — but also a nod to analog recipes, which McCurrach says have yet to be ousted by digital ones.

McCurrah is the sole employee of Recipeat. As of now, the company is bootstrapped and hopes to bring their product to market by the end of this year. 

Recipeat does not yet have a website, but if you want to learn more contact Peter McCurrach at

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