Angela Malik is the wearer of many hats. A self-described “food innovator and design thinker,” Malik has, throughout her career, worked in Michelin starred restaurants, launched her own cooking school focused on Asian cuisine, and consulted for corporate catering companies. She’s also currently part of the London Food Board, where she advises Mayor Sadiq Kahn on food strategy for the city.

Really, though, Malik is someone with a welcome (and underrepresented) voice in conversations around food innovation: she’s a professionally trained chef who fully embraces tech, and wants to use it to make what we eat more sustainable, more equitable, and more collaborative.

Malik will be presenting a 15-minute TED-style talk at Smart Kitchen Summit Europe in Dublin next week, but we spoke with Malik over on the SKS Europe blog so you can get to know this culinary engima.

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