Crispy bacon lovers, your day has come. (Flimsy bacon lovers, who are you and what is your problem?!)

The U.K. company Sirane has created a package that will make microwaveable bacon consistently crispy — no more sandwiching between paper towels or messy grease splatters (h/t FoodDive).

In a press release, Sirane explained that the package absorbs hot grease from the pork as it cooks, which creates the crispy results. On the surface, this is a pretty mundane invention. But Sirane says that the packaging is actually quite versatile (though still admittedly bacon-centric): it can be sold as a sealed pack with a particular brand of bacon, or people can purchase the packs themselves and add their own preferred bacon at home. They’re also planning to sell the packaging to restaurants and cafés looking to up their microwaveable bacon game.

It’s sort of ironic that a U.K.-based company came up with this innovation since, at least in my experience, Brits like their bacon on the thicker, chewier side. But nobody likes an undercooked rasher — or a messy microwave cleanup. This packaging will surely lead to a lot more bacon butties for all.

Photo: Sirane


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