Myxx announced today that it has added big grocery chains such as Walmart, Albersons, Safeway and more to its shoppable recipes platform. This expands Myxx’s reach to 10,000 stores nationwide, up from 1,500 previously.

Through its website, Myxx allows users to discover recipes and instantly shop for the ingredients necessary to make them. Myxx identifies a shopper’s local stores on the platform and features real-time pricing, including any sales and promotions. Once the recipes and ingredients have been decided, Myxx sends the consumer to the selected store’s site to complete the purchase and schedule pickup or delivery.

Shoppable recipes are a trend we’re following closely at The Spoon. If you can be inspired by a recipe, order all the ingredients and have them delivered on the same day, that recipe transforms from inert set of instructions into a discovery and commerce platform that CPG companies, retailers and more can make money off of.

Myxx isn’t the only company in the shoppable recipe, err, mix. Both Fexy Media and Whisk (which acquired Avocando) have partnered with Amazon for their shoppable recipe platforms, and Chicory works with CPG brands to make their recipes shoppable as well.

Earlier this year, Myxx formed a partnership with Kroger, and today’s additon of Walmart, Albertsons, Safeway Jewel Osco, Vons, Randalls, Tom Thumb, and H-E-B across the country obviously opens up to more people (just in time for Thanksgiving!).

But the real question now is if and how these new chains will drive awareness of Myxx’s service. The masses can only use shoppable recipes if they know of their existence. Dede Houston, Cofounder and COO of Myxx, told me that because the space is so new, they are at the beginning stages of talking with retailers about generating interest.

Thanksgiving is actually a great time to test out shoppable recipes: You have to make lots of different dishes, which can be complicated, and grocery stores are pretty packed as the day draws closer, so getting ingredients delivered saves you some time. Will you be trying shoppable recipes this season? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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