The Thermomix TM6

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There are days when everything goes according to plan, and then there are days where everything blows up. Today, for instance, I had a lovely newsletter all written and ready to launch at 6 a.m. filled with lovely bits about robots, and our upcoming ArticulATE summit.

And then my boss, Mike Wolf, had to go a break the news about the new Thermomix TM6 do-anything cooking device, debuting in Germany and Austria today. The story’s popularity is currently melting our servers, and judging from our Google Analytics, Germans love David Hasselhoff and learning about new Thermomixes!

So here I am, closing in on a 1 p.m. deadline re-writing the newsletter, and I’d be remiss if it didn’t lead off with the TM 6, which now sports a bigger touchscreen, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and instant access to 40,000 recipes. You should join the throngs of people slamming our site right now to get the full scoop.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention our upcoming ArticulATE food robotics and automation conference happening in San Francisco on April 16th. I did a Q&A with ArticulATE speaker Chas Studor, Founder and CTO of Briggo coffee. In it, he shares that Briggo’s robotic Coffee Haus has made more than 470,000 drinks, and explains why he wants Briggo to be a full-stack coffee company (they source and roast their own beans), and not just a fancy automated latte dispenser

Studor is just one in the killer lineup of speakers we have coming to ArticulATE including high-level execs from Google, Starship, Dishcraft, Cafe X, Sony, Creator, AutoX, Albertsons, Robomart and so many more! Tickets are limited — I know a lot of conferences say that, but for real, get them before they are gone.

Another thing that’s bound to be killer (ironically, with no killing) is Beyond Meat’s forthcoming Beyond Beef, which is a plant-based version of ground beef that The Spoon’s Catherine Lamb wrote about this week. Details are scarce right now, but given how much I love the company’s burgers and yet-to-be-released plant-based sausage patty, I’m optimistic that Beyond Beef will be the base of many of my future bologneses.

As a journalist, I probably was too effusive in my praise of Beyond just then (I like Impossible too! Is that fair and balanced now?), but it’s also honest feedback. However, feedback is one thing when pointed towards a big company about to go public; it’s quite another when you’re rating another human being — like a server in a restaurant.

Jenn Marston wrote about Toast launching a real-time feedback tool for restaurants this week. Basically, guests can leave immediate feedback on their dining experience via tablets and other technology in the restaurant. The goal is to help restaurant staff address issues early and hopefully provide better customer service, and Toast’s new product is actually part of a larger wave of real-time restaurant feedback tools. But being a server is already hard enough, I can’t imagine what it would be like if customers were giving me a thumbs up or down while I try to attend to their every need.

What you need to do, however, is get out there and enjoy your weekend! Happy Friday.

In the 03/08/2019 edition:

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