The debate over what makes a sandwich a sandwich is a tried and true one. And while we all may have our own personal breaded hill on which we’ll die, two food giants jumped into the fray recently to re-ignite the debate just in time for family bickering gatherings at Thanksgiving.

First up is Oscar Mayer which declared earlier this week that hot dogs are a sandwich. As you turn green and potentially hulk out with rage, it’s just that type of reaction that Oscar Mayer seems to be, err, relishing.

As part of it’s bold, divisive proclamation, Oscar Mayer doubled down and practically said “Come at me, bro!” as the company taunted people on twitter set up a hotline for those riled up to call and argue about it. (The hotline was only open for 24 hours).

Of course, you have to take this sort of corporate rabble rousing with 420 mg of salt. This is, after all the company that released “Bacoin,” the bitcoin knock-off earlier this year.

While I don’t agree with Oscar Mayer’s take, at least a hot dog comes wrapped with bread on either side. Jimmy Dean, a division of Tyson Foods, just decided to chuck that notion altogether with its bit or corporate stuntery.

In a blog post yesterday, Tyson announced the launch of Jimmy Dean Delights Egg’wich. Think of it as a triple-layered-package of protein. This vegan nightmare has turkey sausage nestled between two slices of… egg frittatas.

The blog post goes on to petition Merriam-Webster to update their definition of sandwich, but honestly that feels like a step too far and just joking the joke at that point. We get it, Tyson.

Both bits of corporate tomfoolery were in advance of yesterday’s National Sandwich Day, a real thing, btw, and were meant to drum up some free PR. So well played, giant meat corporations, well played. Your move, Subway.

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