Bonaverde beta units are now shipping. Image credit: Bonaverde

Better late than never.

That’s what you’re saying if you’re a backer of Bonaverde, the startup that promised to create the world’s first consumer roast-grind-brew coffee machine. The company, which raised over $680 thousand on Kickstarter in the fall of 2013, is finally shipping its do-everything coffee machine to its Kickstarter backers in Europe according to an update on its Kickstarter page.

As with any late Kickstarter project, the backers were getting pretty restless and letting the company know about it in the community section of the Kickstarter campaign page. However, with units shipping and people already brewing, they might be quick to forgive if this comment from backer Benjamin Kober is any indication:

Hey @all,just wanted to let you know that I just brewed my first batch with my beta machine and it worked out really fine and is tasting well. The machine has a matte white/green finish and looks a lot better than in the pictures.

Even if I made a lot of critical comments and remarks about the machine throughout the last years I am really happy with the result (the coffee) although I would still love to have the other design and the ability to skip after every step. Will keep you updated as I’m testing further…

Many in the coffee world have been watching Bonaverde closely. Now that they are shipping and (very) early indications are that the product works, it will be interesting to see what the response is from the coffee heavyweights to a roast-grind-brew machine heading into the consumer market.

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  1. I’m pretty psyched. I ordered this and was wondering if it would ship. This looks like an amazing machine and can’t wait to try it.

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