Doug Evans, Founder of Juicero

Over the past six months, there probably hasn’t been a company more roundly mocked in startup land than Juicero. The funmaking started after a Bloomberg article showed how one can squeeze the company’s juice packs by hand, essentially making superfluous the company’s $400 juicer.

When you raise $120 million, this is a PR problem, one the company seemingly never recovered from.

And so this week, the company announced it is shutting down.

But the company’s problems went beyond an expensive juicer. On today’s podcast, Ashley Daigneault and I discuss how the company had created a nearly impossible logistical and supply chain problem almost from the outset.

We also discuss Miele’s new RF solid state powered wall oven and Sharp’s deal with SideChef, as well as Mike’s trip to Tokyo for the Smart Kitchen Summit Japan.

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