Advancements in molecular sensors, real-time analytics and food production are laying the foundation for a world where consumers will consume food tailored specifically for them based on their own biomarkers, past behavior, and environmental data.

And while we may not be living in a futuristic world with personalized food manufacturing machines just yet (though we are getting closer), there’s no doubt one of the year’s biggest trends in food innovation centers around personalization.

Which is why I was excited to take the Smart Kitchen Show on the road last month to talk about the personalized kitchen.

My guests for this live taping of the Smart Kitchen Show at Target’s Open House in San Francisco included Shireen Yates (CEO of Nima), Kevin Brown (CEO of Innit), and Jae Berman (Head Coach and lead nutritionist for Habit). Friend of the show Brian Frank of FTW Ventures also stopped by to help with interviewing duties.

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