Inside Goji's lab: Looks like a microwave, except the technology - RF cooking - is much more precise.

On the 50th birthday on the microwave, the core technology behind the fast-cook workhorse faces an uncertain future. One of the technologies taking aim at the old-school microwave is RF solid state cooking.

A company that figures to be a key player in the RF cooking space is Goji Solutions. With a portfolio of technology originally developed for heating tissues for medical environments, today Goji Solutions holds over 100 patents in the RF heating market. Goji is working with appliance makers to bring products to market using their RF cooking technology.

We talk to Goji Solutions President Yuval Ben-Haim to hear the backstory of his company’s technology and to get a state of the market for RF cooking.

If you’d like to hear Ben-Haim talk about RF cooking in person, make sure to come to the Smart Kitchen Summit where he will be speaking. Go to and use the discount code PODCAST to get 25% off of tickets.

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