The “smart kitchen” category on Kickstarter has a new member of the top three.

Silo, the smart vacuum seal storage solution that debuted a little over a month ago at the Smart Kitchen Summit, just completed its successful Kickstarter campaign this week with over $1.4 million in backer pledges. This haul puts the product just behind PicoBrew and Anova as the crowdfunding site’s top smart kitchen campaigns.

Of course, it should be noted that Kickstarter doesn’t technically have a smart kitchen category, but that doesn’t keep us from segmenting campaigns that way. The reason to do so is the site’s food category – with everything from sous vide circulators to crickets – is massive, and so for our purposes it’s helpful to separate the more technology-forward offerings from the campaigns featuring products like barbecue sauce and bacon jerky (not that those aren’t delicious).

Silo’s campaign puts the company just behind onetime belt holder Anova and current smart kitchen champ PicoBrew C. Both PicoBrew ($1.9 million) and Anova ($1.8 million) not only top our “smart kitchen” category, but they also lead the actual overall food category for Kickstarter.

I personally backed Silo’s campaign because, like so many, I struggle with food waste and found my old school plastic containers aren’t cutting it.  I also like the idea of a vacuum sealer that could extend the life of my food, especially if I can track that food in some way through an app.

The company is one of a new crop of startups focused on food preservation. Earlier this year Ovie also succeeded with a Kickstarter for its food tracking solution, while companies like Karma and Goodr are looking to push tech to tackle food waste further up the food chain.

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