At the Smart Kitchen Summit today, guided-cooking platform Innit announced an upgrade to its Shopwell app, which helps users discover personalized food recommendations.

Michael Wolf wrote about Shopwell on the Spoon shortly after it launched in 2017:

“The app, which has been downloaded over 2.5 million times, scans packaged foods at retail and provides a score based on the user’s profile. The app’s patented algorithm helps to analyze packaged food and give real-time matching scores against a user’s personalized nutritional profile which factors in a user’s gender, age, allergies and dietary goals.

The deal extends Innit, which has developed a platform for appliance makers to create connected products for the kitchen, further into the nutritional and shopping portions of the food experience. ShopWell’s database of over 400 thousand packaged food items and consumer facing app allows Innit to touch the consumer’s food experience from the point of purchase to consumption.

The new Shopwell app will double coverage to encompass over 800,000 items, and also adds more social sharing capability so users can make personalized shopping lists which they can share on social media. If the food doesn’t get a high score, Shopwell can recommend “trade-up” foods to better meet your nutrition goals.

GE cooktop with integrated Hestan smart cooking technology.

Across the Smart Kitchen Summit lobby, GE Appliances had an announcement of their own. Two, actually.

First off, the appliance giant announced they are partnering with mobile cooking platform SideChef. GE’s 2019 appliances will feature 5,000 recipes from chefs and bloggers, and will also have meal planning and guided cooking capabilities.

GE also announced it’s working with smart-cooking system Hestan Cue to create induction cooktops and ranges for their Café appliance line. Using Hestan technology, the cooktops can automatically adjust cooking temperature as users go through video-guided recipes.

Café is the first to offer induction ranges with built-in Hestan technology. Owners can download the Hestan Cue app, which will walk them through step-by-step recipe preparation and simultaneously control the temperature. There are also options that can heat pans to the ideal temperature for common dishes, such as seared scallops or scrambled eggs.

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