The VR Cocktail and Baptiste & Bottle. Image credit: Neil Burger

Sure, you may have walked, flown, or even blasted aliens on a virtual world — but did you ever stop to smell the virtual roses?

With Givaudan‘s technology you can smell not only the roses but a variety of other scents in a virtual kitchen.

Here at the Food IT conference presented by The Mixing Bowl in San Francisco, Givaudan had their virtual-smells-in-a-box on display. Being the intrepid reporters we are, we strapped on a VR headset, grabbed a hand controller and stuck our nose in a scent emitter to smell bananas and strawberries as we made virtual smoothies, as well as (very strong) garlic and onions for our virtual steaks.

This tech will be making its way to consumers at some point, so if you plan on gaming in the near future, you’ll be able to smell gunfire or smoke as you wander the apocalyptic wasteland, or, more appropriately, the enticing aromas of cooked steak in The Legend of Zelda.

Check out the sites of virtual smells in our video below:

Smell-O-Vision Meets Virtual Reality with Givaudan from The Spoon on Vimeo.

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