First they helped take pancake making next-level with the PancakeBot, a pancake robot that helps the cook go beyond those Mickey Mouse and Death Star cakes you made for your kids into the world of pancake selfies. And now, StoreBound, a home product innovation company founded by longtime housewares executive Evan Dash (a recent guest on the Smart Kitchen Show podcast), wants to help us up our coffee table game with the SoBro, a “smart home” coffee table that comes complete with a built-in refrigerator, Bluetooth speakers, device charging ports and more.

I caught up with Dash at the Housewares Show to ask about the SoBro.  He told me the idea for the SoBro was to create the ultimate mancave coffee table, one which any guy or girl would love to put in their TV room, game room or that one-room flat and become the life of the party. In fact, the name of the product, SoBro, actually speaks to its target market: Bros.

No doubt, the specs are the most impressive I’ve ever seen for a piece of furniture I usually put my beer and popcorn on. It features a full refrigerator (“It’s not a cooler,” Dash emphasized.”It has a compressor”), ports to plug in your gadgets, Bluetooth to connect to music sources that will play music out of a set of stereo speakers and a subwoofer and an LED screen on the top of the coffee table.

The SoBro will retail for $1000, but early buyers can get it for $549 on Indiegogo.

You can hear more about the SoBro from Evan Dash in the video above.

Evan Dash, CEO of StoreBound, will be at the Smart Kitchen Summit. Get your tickets today. 

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