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I have this thing where I always read the safety card on airplanes. Hopefully I’ll never have to open the emergency door, but at least I won’t forget how, thanks to the clear design and wordless instruction.

The airplane safety card is actually a good way to think of the Look Cook Book, which recently launched a Kickstarter campaign. The Look Cook Book uses high design and “culturally neutral” iconography to create “universally readable” recipes almost without words that is easily readable from one to two meters away.

Recipes include “Fancy Scrambled Eggs,” “Red Lentil Dahl,” and “Apple Cinnamon and Nutmeg Crumble.” According to the campaign info, each recipe has been created so they can be made for $1.50 per portion. You can preview a PDF of the book here.

The book is also being turned into an interactive cookbook app that you can swipe through and will even include built-in tappable timers.

The campaign, which launched on September 4, is looking to raise $5,487. A pledge of £12 (~$16 USD) gets you a paperback version of the book, while a pledge of £15 (~$20) gets you the paperback and digital versions of the Look Cook Book.

With 55 days left in its campaign, we’ll just have to wait and see if the Look Cook Book will takeoff.

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