If you grew up in 70s or 80s, you probably remember when TV shows would do something wacky to boost ratings during sweeps. Oftentimes, it would involve the characters traveling to someplace new, like The Bradys are going to Hawaii!

That’s kinda what’s happening with The Spoon this week. Mike, Catherine and myself have packed our bags and flown halfway round the world to be in Tokyo. We’re here for the third Smart Kitchen Summit: Japan where we’ll be chatting with reps from companies like SideChef, Cookpad, Middleby, Zimplistic, JUST and many more.

Given that we are literally visiting the future and are 16 hours ahead of our normal time, our content schedule is going to be a little different this week. You’ll still get regular posts from us (I’m visiting a couple of different food robots while I’m in town), and Jenn Marston is holding down the fort stateside.

So enjoy this special week of programming, and I promise, we won’t be introducing a cousin Oliver when we get back next week.


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