For my money, paper is still the best way to take notes. But if you’re a chef concocting your next big creation, the kitchen is a dangerous place for paper. Water splashes or grease smudges can turn notes into illegible junk.

Bookblock is set to change all that with the new Stone notebook, the pages of which, the company says, are resistant to both water and grease. So chefs can jot down notes about recipes or whatever without fearing that an errant spill or splash will ruin all their work.

What wizardry can achieve all of this? Surprisingly, it’s a very low-tech solution; one that’s also in the name of the product. The pages of the Stone are made from — stone. According to the press release:

“Offcuts taken from limestone quarries, that would otherwise go to waste, are churned up to a fine powder and turned into paper. The result is a material that’s completely immune to water and grease. Butter, wine, and oil can simply be wiped off with no stain left on the pages or smudging of the ink, making it a paper born to survive the kitchen.”

The Stone also features handy conversion charts, perforated pages, a pen holder, and magnets to keep the book in place on steel kitchen surfaces.

While we haven’t gotten our hands on one, it supposedly works just like a regular notebook. Chefs can still use their Sharpie or other favorite pens with abandon and without fear of losing any information.

Bookblock says that Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Wareing and Pierre Koffmann are already using the notebook. Everyday kitchen cooks will be able to purchase the Stone through Kickstarter starting on March 26th. where early bird backers can pick one up for £14 ($19.75) for the first two days, and after that it will be £18 ($25.39). If the Stone lives up to its promise, they’ll get my money.

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