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The restaurant biz may have once been seen as slow to adopt technology, but that’s less and less the case these days. In fact, between all the apps, kiosks, back-of-house systems, front-of-house software, automated pickup cubbies and enough other developments to fill a 600-word post, restaurant tech is a bit of a juggling act to keep up with lately.

A bird’s eye view of the scene every once in a while helps, so with that in mind, here’s a quick look at some highlights from this week in restaurant tech:

Ordermark and Omnivore team up for POS integration.
Los Angeles-based Ordermark, whose hardware-software package streamlines third-party delivery orders into a single dashboard, announced this week it has partnered with POS integration company Omnivore. The deal will allow any restaurant using certain POS systems, including Oracle Micros, Brink, and Dinerware, to integrate with Ordermark and aggregate orders from popular third-party delivery services like DoorDash and Grubhub.

Ordermark, who recently raised $18 million in Series B funding, serves major chains across the U.S., including TGI Friday’s and Subway, while Omnivore works with some of the biggest POS systems (see above). According to the press release, the combined integration “addresses over 85% of [restaurant] venues in North America.”

Waitbusters integrates with Postmates.
Waitbusters is one of those restaurant-tech companies that started with a narrow focus (getting rid of wait times at restaurants) and has since expanded to offer more features, including table-management features and some marketing. This week, the company also delved into the delivery world by adding a Postmates integration that’s aimed at restaurants that don’t have their own delivery fleet and may not be able to afford commission fees for third-party delivery services.

Restaurants are offering on-demand pay for employees.
With so much of the restaurant biz going “on demand” these days, it was only a matter of time before employee paychecks did likewise. QSRs are now offering ways for workers to instantly access their earnings. Third-party payment company DailyPay offers this feature via patent-pending technology that tracks employee earnings and lets them transfer funds, for a small service fee, instantly to their bank accounts. This week, NRN reported that Burger King franchisee TOMS King and LA-based chain Sprinkles Cupcakes both use the service in the hopes of curbing employee turnover and appealing to Gen Z workers accustomed to on-demand, uh, everything.

Backyard Burgers modernizes its chain with Qu’s POS.
The popular burger chain Back Yard Burgers announced this week it has teamed with POS company Qu to replace the legacy tech still hanging around its 28 locations. Back Yard Burgers, who is headquartered in Nashville, TN and has stores around the Southeast U.S., is on a quest to modernize its operations, particularly when it comes to standardizing and centralizing orders from disparate sales channels. Qu’s platform specializes in just that, integrating orders from web, mobile, and kiosks as well as those made in house.

Paytronix buys Open Dining.
Customer engagement company Paytronix this week completed its acquisition of food-ordering platform Open Dining. According to a press release, the new solution will let customers “use online ordering with integrations to point of sale (POS) and third-party delivery partners such as DoorDash and Grubhub.” Ohio-based Open Dining focuses mainly on small- to mid-sized businesses. With the acquisition, it will rebrand as Paytronix Order & Delivery.

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