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Poznań, Poland-based company Verdeat sent a message out today stating the launch of its hydroponic garden system for the home has been delayed one week, until September 17.

When it finally arrives, Verdeat’s product will be an indoor hydroponic grow system controlled by a smartphone app and designed to fit inside your house or apartment. Like a growing number of at-home hydroponic systems, Verdeat automates much of the grow process, calculating how much water, light, and nutrients plants need and requiring human intervention only once every few weeks. The device will be available in small, medium, or large sizes and, depending on that size, can hold up to 76 plants. Verdeat has not yet released pricing details for any of the unit sizes.

The campaign, which was announced in June of this year, was originally supposed to launch in July. This morning’s message had this to say about the delays:

As you know perfecting a prototype can be very time consuming and we want to make sure the product will be worthy of Kickstarter backers before it is released.

In the same message, the company also said it wants to make Verdeat as eco-friendly as possible, with minimal negative environmental impact by offset CO2 emissions from shipping products by contributing to the UN emission reduction program.

While Verdeat’s campaign delays are a little eyebrow-raising, they’re not necessarily bad news. Hardware products, in particular, are susceptible to all kinds of production issues that can hamper progress. As the recent mystery surrounding the state of the Rite Press shows, many a Kickstarter campaign has been marred by companies gladly taking a crowd’s funding but never actually delivering the product. Better to delay a campaign launch by a few weeks than wind up with no product at all for your backers.

And hopefully, these delays mean that when the campaign finally launches next week, Verdeat will have a higher-quality, more eco-friendly product to show off.

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