The SproutsIO connected system helps you grow produce year-round

Tabletop farming is a growing trend that we’re following here at The Spoon. Some of these self-contained food systems that have been germinating, as it were, for years, will soon start bearing fruit. Literally.

Take SproutsIO. This Smart Kitchen Summit startup showcase alumni Kickstartered project is a soil-less, high-tech growing gizmo and accompanying app that helps you harvest your own leafy greens, root vegetables, and even tomatoes inside your home. Now, a year and a half after showing the product off at the Smart Kitchen Summit, SproutsIO is prepping to ship this summer.

We caught up with CEO, Jennifer Farah, at the International Housewares Show for a quick video demo of her product (we were on a busy tradeshow floor, so pardon the audio).

At a $799 price point, SproutsIO won’t come cheap. But if it works as promised, it’s versatility in growing different veggies could prove invaluable for any green thumb trapped in a tiny apartment.

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