Growing up, there was nothing better than grabbing a Slurpee from the local 7-11 during the hottest days of summer. While ten year old me had no problems burning off all those calories, the adult me shudders at the thought of all that sugar (and those darn plastic straws!).

Too bad The Goods Mart wasn’t around in my youth. Based in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles, The Goods Mart aims to be a beneficent version of the convenience store. It doesn’t sell drinks in single use plastic bottles, it offers organic versions of popular snacks, it stocks “ugly” produce, and its version of the Slurpee has kombucha in it.

The Goods Mart is also trying to build a strong connection to its neighborhood community by hosting dinners and giving all of its tips to local charities. It’s conscientious capitalism coupled with convenience.

I stopped by there during my recent trip to LA to interview the founder, Rachel Krupa. Check out this video to hear her explain what The Goods Mart is and where she wants to take it.

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