Centrifuges aren’t just for uranium enrichment anymore.

Of course, chefs have been using centrifuges, machines that rapidly spin its contents to separate fluids, for some time, and culinary mad scientist Dave Arnold is busy creating a low-priced centrifuge for food hobbyists.

But now, coffee and centrifuges are the latest kitchen combo to go together like, well, coffee and cream. First there was Nespresso Vertuoline coffee and espresso maker line, which uses centrifusion within the brewing capsule to create creamy espressos and lattes.

And now there’s the Spinn, which uses a centrifuge to make coffee without the coffee pod.* This week is the first time you can preorder a Spinn, the culmination of years of work by Roland Verbeek, Spinn’s inventor, and the rest of the Spinn team. When we interviewed Verbeek early this year, he told us the story of how the company wanted to create not only a product that brewed coffee in a very different way, but also one that enabled consumers to buy coffee from small independent coffee growers.

The device, which starts at $499 when it ships in mid-2017, is available for preorder at a 40% discount for a limited time. While the core innovation is the centrifugal brewing, it can do lots more, including app-control, in-machine grinding, subscriptions & replenishment, and mobile app control/alerts. The preorder allotment is currently limited to two thousand machines.

To hear the full story of Spinn, check out the podcast here.

*The two efforts are related, as Nespresso licenses the centrifusion extraction technology from Spinn, an exclusive license for capsule-based brewing. 

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