Chicago-based restaurant group Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises (LEYE) announced today it has teamed up with Grubhub for Whole30 Delivered restaurant concept.

This is the first restaurant from the Whole30 brand, and it’s exclusively available via Grubhub as a delivery-only concept.

The Whole30 diet centers around a 30-day program that eliminates everything sugar, alcohol, dairy, and processed foods with the aim of “resetting” your eating habits. The program claims to combat things like insomnia, low energy levels, and anxiety, among other conditions.

The LEYE culinary team has worked directly with the folks at Whole30 to create a custom menu that’s compliant with the program. It includes lunch and dinner options, which are prepared in a ghost kitchen operated by LEYE.

Whole30 Delivered is one of many virtual restaurant concepts Grubhub has added to its offerings over the last few years. In late 2017, the delivery company invested $1 million in Green Summit Group, whose ghost kitchens in New York and Chicago are home to multiple delivery-only restaurant concepts. More recently, Grubhub teamed up with Phood Farmacy in Los Angeles for its health-focused delivery-only brand.

As we’ve discussed extensively, Ghost Kitchens provide restauranteurs and food entrepreneurs a way to experiment with new concepts without incurring the high overhead costs of operating a full-service restaurant. And the idea is catching on. Uber Eats operates ghost kitchens in Europe, as does a company called Keatz, and Starbucks is experimenting with them in China for delivery orders. Expect this list of restaurants and companies to grow extensively over the next year.

For now, Whole30 Delivered will be available exclusively in the Chicago area, where LEYE is headquartered.

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