Xiaomi, the Chinese manufacturer known best for its global smartphone production, is getting further into home appliances with the introduction of a Keurig-like coffee maker. The company announced a crowdfunding campaign for the Scishare Coffee Maker on its platform (funded within hours) to bring a coffee maker with Italian-sourced pump and coffee extraction technology.

The machine is designed with producing a custom cup of coffee, with features appealing to discerning coffee drinkers. Gadgets 360 reports:

The machine is also designed to process the coffee beans in different concentration amounts according to individual preferences. It is also compatible with support for a wide range of coffee capsules.

Other features of the include a flow control lever, LED lighting for direction and custom extraction preferences based on how strong you like your coffee. The coffee maker joins Xiaomi’s rice cooker in their home appliance offerings with the smart kitchen market in China heating up.

Xiaomi is the third largest e-commerce store in China, branding and selling everything from 4K TVs to DIY smart home products like the Mi Plug. The company even has a smart home app that allows users to control other connected devices like the Yi Camera, Mi Air Purifier, and Midea Air Conditioner. Though these products and the app aren’t available in North America, the smart home market in Asia is the second biggest in the world next to the United States according to Statista.

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