Figure: "How do you typically discover new recipes or meal ideas?"

If you think Millennials only find recipes through Snapchat, Facebook or YouTube, think again. As it turns out, twenty somethings are actually more likely to ask Aunt Judie or mom for her casserole recipe than get it on social media.

As shown in a recent survey conducted of over one thousand households by NextMarket Insights and The Spoon, recipe discovery behavior of Millennials – as well as Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers – is surprisingly diverse. In fact, the number one source for recipes among twenty-somethings by a long-shot is friends and family at 63%, followed by social media (53%) and recipe sites (46%).

One technology savvy friend that is likely to provide more and more recipes in the future? Alexa. And as I wrote this morning, chances are are recipe sites like Allrecipes will be there to capitalize.

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