If three times make a trend, then the BoilingBeeper officially makes a trend of Kickstarter projects that have you saying “Wait, didn’t that already exist?”

Following the Forktula and the NutriScale, BoilingBeeper is a simple solution to a problem many people in the kitchen face. As you can probably guess, Boilingbeeper is a device that alerts you when your water is boiling.

It’s a small buoy like device that floats in your water and just as your oven tells you when it reaches temperature, BoilingBeeper beeps when your water is boiling.

No more watched pots, as it were. Just turn on your water and go about your business. No need to incessantly check in on its slow progress from small to frothy bubbles, or risk forgetting about it and getting overflow spilling out.

The BoilingBeeper was created by three guys from Chicago, who have bootstrapped the product so far and are using Kickstarter to raise $10,000 to produce an initial batch of 5,000 BoilingBeepers.

Kickstarter backers can pick up a Boiling Beeper for as little as $12, with orders expected to be fulfilled in January of 2018. If BoilingBeeper takes off, the team expects it to retail for $14.99.

With a simple straightforward product and price, it’s not hard to see the BoilingBeeper becoming a trend of its own.

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  1. Roughly a year ago, I wrote an article pointing out how ridiculous this thing was. The campaign failed. It’s amazing to me that they’re trying to have another go at trying to convince people to fund this thing.

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