If you have an early flight out of San Francisco International (SFO) airport at the end of next month, you can caffeinate up with the help of Briggo’s robot barista. The Austin, TX based company announced today that it will launch its automated Coffee Haus robot-coffee kiosk at SFO on July 28th UPDATE: Briggo informed us after publication that it has changed the date and will be up in the coming month.

The Briggo Coffee Haus is a fully automated kiosk that serves a variety of hot and cold coffee and tea drinks, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers can order a coffee ahead of time using the Briggo app or purchase one through the machine’s tablet.

The SFO Coffee Haus is the first Briggo machine outside of Texas and will be located inside Terminal 3 next to the security entrance. Though Briggo thinks of itself as a coffee company that sources and roasts its own beans, it will feature rotating blends of Bay Area coffee from Verve and techie-favorite, Sightglass. This will be the second airport location for Briggo’s automated barista: the first one opened at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in July of last year, and a second Briggo machine was added there last month.

Briggo isn’t even the only coffee robot going into SFO this year. San Francisco-based company Cafe X will also be launching its automated coffee kiosk later this summer. We reached out to the company to confirm the installation date and will update when we hear back.

You’ll be seeing a lot more automated eating and drinking experiences at airports in the coming years. Robots like Briggo and Cafe X will be joined by high-end vending machines like Yo-Kai Express, which offer a Michelin star chef-created menu. Food robots will be able to quickly and conveniently feed the high volume of people in a hurry at all hours of the day (and never spell your name wrong on your coffee cup).

To promote its SFO opening, Briggo has hooked up with Lyft to provide Briggo patrons with a 15 percent discount on their next Lyft ride to or from SFO. Normally, we wouldn’t mention marketing campaigns, but this discount is another example of food and beverage companies working with ride-sharing companies to, err, drive traffic. In a similar move, TGIFriday’s has been handing out Uber vouchers to pay for customers’ rides to its restaurants.

We haven’t had Briggo’s coffee yet (haven’t flown to Austin in a while), but it’s got a 4-star rating on Yelp, where customers mostly marvel at the technology. Maybe we’ll need to book a flight down to San Francisco just for a chance to try the coffee.

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