Each week The Spoon: Automat podcast dives into the world of food-related robots and AI, and in this episode we get all frothy about coffee robots! The guest is Chas Studor, Founder and CTO of Briggo, maker of the Coffee Haus barista-in-a-box.

Studor insists Briggo is, first and foremost, a coffee company — and it’s looking for the best way to deliver a convenient, consistent cup o’ joe any time of day or night. To do that he’s brought on experts in both coffee and robotics to build a 40-foot specialty coffee machine that can be installed in office parks, airports and other retail locations.

We’ve written about Briggo before, and you can find them in a handful of locations in Texas. In our chat Studor discusses:

  • The decision to be a full-stack coffee company, sourcing and roasting its beans, and providing its own employees for maintenance.
  • The challenges of building a machine that can measure, dispense and move a cup of hot liquid around at four to five feet per second, without spilling it.
  • How its robot has perfected its foaming technique — even for alternative milks.
  • The end of misspelled names on coffee cups.

You can listen here, or subscribe to our feed in iTunes.

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